Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

The psychological effects of hair loss affect the process of the person more negatively. Hair loss does not only change the physical appearance. Along with the physical appearance, the psychology of the person is also negatively affected and changed.

Hair loss does not make the person feel any physical pain or pain. It is not essential for one’s survival. But nobody wants their hair to fall out. It changes the physical image as it directly affects the person’s appearance. This situation affects the psychology of people negatively.

The thicker and healthier a person’s hair is, the better that person feels. It is for this reason that products such as lotions, creams, sprays and shampoos for hair health and care are introduced to the market day by day.

Many people, from women to men, complain of hair loss problem in daily life. Hair loss increases in certain periods, although not all the time. This drags people’s lives and emotions into negativity.

The more intense and rapid the hair loss, the faster the psychological effects will manifest themselves. There are many reasons for hair loss. Your hair may fall out for one or more reasons. So what are these reasons? Let’s examine it together.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can occur for many different reasons. These; Nutritional or hormonal factors, vitamin and mineral deficiency, genetic predisposition, exposure to chemicals such as hair dye cause hair loss.

In addition, hair growth disorders, drugs, shampoos and sprays, creams, psychological stress and sadness, skin diseases can cause hair loss.

The advanced level of hair loss is the stage of excessive hair loss. If excessive hair loss lasts for more than two months, it may be a sign of a serious illness. In case of intense hair loss lasting more than two months, you should see a specialist without wasting any more time.

It is wrong to use all the recommended shampoos for shampoo use for hair loss. Because the structure of each hair is different. If you are trying to take a precaution with shampoo for hair loss, you should definitely see a dermatologist.

Otherwise, materials such as shampoo, lotion, cream or serum will not prevent your hair from falling out. On the contrary, it can increase even more.

Vitamin recommendations for hair loss are also frequently made today. One of the mistakes made when using social media is to take every suggestion seriously.

People buy the recommended product, regardless of whether the recommended product is really beneficial or there is no harmful factor for their skin. Regardless, you should not take vitamins for hair loss without seeing a specialist doctor.

Male pattern hair loss is also a common condition. You can have information by reading our related article to learn about “What is male pattern hair loss, how is male pattern hair loss and treatment for male pattern hair loss”.

The question of “Which department to go to for hair loss” is also a subject that people who have hair loss problems investigate. For hair loss, you can go to the Dermatology (Skin) department and be examined.

What are the Psychological Effects of Hair Loss?

Since hair loss affects physical appearance, it also reveals psychological effects. Some of the psychological problems are as follows:

  • Anxiety, paranoia, depression and social phobia and shyness. These psychological disorders are more common in people experiencing hair loss than in other people. Hair loss has also revealed the fear of losing it psychologically in some people.
  • Along with hair loss, people may also experience a loss of self-confidence. People who feel unhappy when they look in the mirror or receive some criticism in the social environment begin to have self-confidence problems over time.

People who do not like their physical appearance and experience a decrease in their sense of self may experience such negative psychological problems.

The problem of self-confidence can also bring with it high stress. We mentioned above in our article; Stress is a factor that causes hair loss. These ailments, which unwittingly put the person in a vicious circle, are also the beginning of a difficult process.

Hair loss in both men and women leads to depression and stress. Likewise, high stress causes hair loss.

  • Introversion is also one of the psychological effects of hair loss. People who have lost their hair are generally dissatisfied with their appearance. This mood also prevents the person from entering other people.

The person gives up sociality due to her appearance and prefers to be alone with a depressive mood.

As a suggestion;;

  • If you have the psychological effects of hair loss, you must first determine the cause. If your hair is falling out due to the use of drugs or cancer, you need to be patient in this process until your treatment is over. You should know that this process is temporary and you should know that you will regain your hair as a result of the treatment.
  • Pay attention to socializing rather than living your life introverted. Your physical appearance should not separate you from your social circle..
  • If most or all of your hair has fallen out, you can have a hair transplant for a permanent solution. In this way, you can continue your life happily with both natural and permanent bushy hair. You can shape, dye or comb your transplanted hair
  • First of all, as soon as your hair loss negatively affects your psychology, you should consult a doctor and carry out the process accordingly. Knowing what will happen next in the process will not shock you and it will not wear you out any more. It allows you to act consciously.

Hair Loss Solution

There are many treatment methods for hair loss solution. Some of these are permanent and some are temporary. But the important thing is to achieve a healthy, permanent and natural appearance.

For the solution of hair loss, first of all, it is necessary to investigate why the hair is shed. According to the data obtained through various analyzes and research, our experts offer a recommendation.

Hair transplantation is preferred as a permanent solution. Choose Oclinic, the best clinic in Turkey, for your questions such as “which doctor to go to for hair loss?”, the best doctor for hair transplantation“, “how to prevent hair loss“, “what is good for hair loss“. you can.

The most effective and permanent method preferred against hair loss in recent years is hair transplantation. In the treatment of hair transplantation, your hair strands under your scalp, whose roots have not shed, are taken and transplanted to the spilled areas.

Thus, a strong and healthy appearance is obtained as a result of balanced hair transplantation. Men’s hair falls out more than women. Various factors play a role in this process, which accelerates after puberty. Generally, male pattern hair loss is common.

Various reasons such as genetic factors, stress and chemical substances cause hair loss in women. The solution to all these is hair transplantation. You can choose hair transplantation for permanent, natural and healthy hair and an aesthetic appearance.

One of the important issues when looking for a solution for hair loss is that the treatment center you choose is reliable. It provides successful service in the Oclinic sector with the application of developing medicine and pharmaceutical technologies, and its experienced and expert team.

Oclinic offers you a treatment method as a result of an analysis based on the cause and shape of your hair loss with its specialist doctors. He performs hair transplantation as a result of examinations with personal analyzes, not the same application for everyone.

We provide professional service to all our patients with our specialists in dermatology, plastic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery and neurosurgery. With our doors opening from Istanbul to the whole world, we have been sending all our patients happy from our clinic for fifteen years.

If you want to carry out this process with a team of experts and professional physicians, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment for a preliminary examination.

Apart from hair transplantation, you can also apply to us for permanent treatment methods such as beard and mustache transplantation, eyebrow transplantation. We stand by you with our vast knowledge and experience throughout the whole process, and as a result, we share the same happiness with you. You can contact us by calling us right away!

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